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Dr. Bhatia discusses aphorisms 41 and 42 which tell us about the complex diseases formed by the long term use of allopathic drugs and the side-effects of modern medicines.

§ 41

Much more frequent than the natural diseases associating with and complicating one another in the same body are the morbid complication resulting from the art of the ordinary practitioner, which the inappropriate medical treatment (the allopathic method) is apt to produce by the long-continued employment of unsuitable drugs. To the natural disease, which it is proposed to cure, there are then added, by the constant repetition of the unsuitable medical agent, the new, often very tedious, morbid conditions corresponding to the nature of this agent; these gradually coalesce with and complicate the chronic malady which is dissimilar to them (which they were unable to cure by similarity of action, that is, homoeopathically), adding to the old disease a new, dissimilar, artificial malady of a chronic nature, and thus give the patient a double in place of a single disease, that is to say, render him much worse and more difficult to cure, often quite incurable. Many of the cases for which advice is asked in medical journals, as also the records of other cases in medical writings, attest the truth of this. Of a similar character are the frequent cases in which the venereal chancrous disease, complicated especially with psora or with the venereal chancrous disease, complicated especially with psora or with dyscrasia of condylomatous gonorrhoea, is not cured by long-continued or frequently repeated treatment with large doses of unsuitable mercurial preparations, but assumes its place in the organism beside the chronic mercurial affection1 that has been in the meantime gradually developed, and thus along with it often forms a hideous monster of complicated disease (under the general name of masked venereal disease), which then, when not quite incurable, can only be transformed into health with the greatest difficulty.

1 For mercury, besides the morbid symptoms which by virtue of similarity can cure the venereal disease homoeopathically, has among its effects many others unlike those of syphilis, for instance, swelling and ulceration of bones, which, if it be employed in large doses, causes new maladies and commit great ravages in the body, especially when complicated with psora, as is so frequently the case.

§ 42

Nature herself permits, as has been stated, in some cases, the simultaneous occurrence of two (indeed, of three) natural disease in one and the same body. This complication, however, it must be remarked, happens only in the case of two dissimilar disease, which according to the eternal laws of nature do not remove, do not annihilate and cannot cure one another, but, as it seems, both (or all three) remain, as it were, separate in the organism, and each takes possession of the parts and systems peculiarly appropriate to it, which, on account of the want of resemblance of these maladies to each other, can very well happen without disparagement to the unity of life.

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  2. harishsri

    March 2, 2012

    this audio lecture is very fruitful…

  3. drsadeghi


    February 1, 2013

    Dear Manish

    Thank you so much for your explanative lecture. It shows that you have deeply understood the Organon of Medicine.

    Antipathic medicines truly create artificial diseases in poor patients who trust their doctors. The world needs more knowledge of true toxic effects of the destructive drugs that turn off valuable symptoms such as fever, cough, skin eruptions and etc. Thus these chemical drugs deepen diseases to a more vital organ or tissue.

  4. ginatyler

    April 16, 2013

    Dear Dr. B
    Found this by accident
    Had No idea this series was here,Just listened to aph 41+42 with your intake added.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Sabuj

    March 18, 2014

    Thank you sir for your fruitful lecture. I enjoy it very much.

    But we can only here this lecture, We can’t store it for other Homoeopathic student who have no internet support.

  6. dr. akshay sharma

    July 17, 2014

    Dear sir
    Thank you so much for your explanative lecture… it is really helpfull to understand Organon. As you mentioned in your book that being a homoeopath why we use physiological doses of mother tincture, and low triturations like 1x,3x. what it means? If we are using berberis Q for renal stone & cardus Q for gallstone… Is it wrong?

  7. Sai Manasa

    September 19, 2014

    sorry sir i am not able to find your audio lecture files. listened to your lectures on 1st, 2nd and third aphorisms. found them very useful. true discussion on organon. never heard it like that even in my college.

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